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Greyhounds as Pets

In recent years, due to the efforts of a few devoted lovers of the greyhound, the idea of adopting a greyhound as a pet is becoming more popular. As a breed, greyhounds are usually gentle, submissive and non-aggressive. Believe it or not they are lazy - the original 'couch potato'! They require very little from you apart from your company, a soft bed, a walk, warmth and adequate food. Of course, the usual regular veterinary supervision is necessary for any pet.#image1#

There are one or two differences to be remembered. Greyhounds are sighthounds and their schooling for the track teaches them to chase small furry animals. You must keep a greyhound on a lead when outside. Greyhounds are a dream on the lead as they are so well mannered and rarely pull. With love and patience your dog will soon learn on which side his bread is buttered, and will only want to please you.

Of Noble Descent

Up until the last century, greyhounds were the dogs of noblemen; indeed in history, commoners were not permitted to own a greyhound and it was once a capital offence to kill one.

In the Hands of the Racing Industry

Nowadays, with the introduction of oval track racing in the 1920s, greyhounds have become debased and at the mercy of a betting industry which sees the dog only in terms of financial gain. At four years old, or less, they become too slow to continue racing and face the end of their career, but a greyhound can live until the ripe old age of 16.


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